Door stripping in Croydon
Door stripping, Door Stripping in Croydon

Know How You Should Prepare Your Door for Stripping For A Repaint

A front door is like the icing on the cake. It elevates the standard of the house, so it is very important that you keep it updated and upgraded. But, do you fall into that category where people cringe about throwing away their doors, either because they are specifically made of great wooden structure, or you have some sympathetic feeling attached to it. For them, stripping it and repainting it would be a great idea.

What is Stripping of Door, by the way?

When the paint starts to wear off, and doesn’t suit with the exterior of the house, many go for the stripping, this means taking out the coats off the door, one by one. Even if you think of repainting the gate, you must go for the peeling. Only then the paint would stick for a longer time. The method started from 1980, and has been gaining a name since then. The process involves nothing but removing numerous coats of paint, and leaving only the timber surface, to varnish or oil wax, this also reveals the moulding of the gate, which is hardly visible.

Door stripping in Croydon

But how you would prepare your door for stripping, tells you the professionals of Croydon. Have you thought about it? The following points from them would help you in doing so.

  • Get Double Sure About Your Door’s Material:

Check if your opening matches with the method of scarping or not. And, if you are not sure about the type of door, and its material, then contact the companies of Door stripping in Croydon, to get assured.

  • Do Not Forget To Remove All The Glasses:

Do you know why should you remove the glasses before the gate is removed? We will tell you. Glasses do not cause any obstruction though, but still old glasses are very brittle and can crack easily. Putty holds the glass, but sometimes the woods in portal can expand and soak, which would tend the glass to break off. So, we recommend you to remove the glass before you take it off from the frame.

  • Remove The It From The Frame:

Use a screw driver, chisel and wedge, to prop out the edge of the portal. Slowly, put the out of the frame. Remember, when you put the door out of the frame, you cannot hide any dent if you make, till you repaint it. So, you must do it carefully, taking care while putting it out of the frame. Some doors are really heavy, so you must take help from a volunteer.

  • Hardware Must Be Removed From It:

Take away the hinges, hooks and handles to make the scraping process carefully done. If they are hooks left by any chance, then the dipping process might not come out as successful as it should be. So, have you removed all the hardware from your gate?

  • Beware Of The Caulking:

Caulking is applied to give your paint a fine finish. And, no matter how much you strip off, the caulks remain as a coat, and it might hamper the repaint again. Before preparing your portal, check for the caulking which can be denoted as the white lines around the beading. Some people are though, favour of rustic look, but even then you must peel off the caulk to anyway paint it for a shiny wooden finish.

This is how you can strip your opening gate, before the final paint. Contact the professionals in Croydon for any kind of help.