Door Stripping Bromley
Door stripping, Door Stripping in Bromley

Door Stripping Services in Bromley- A Necessity or Extravagance?

With the noticeable increase in the population structure of Bromley, the need for adequate household services is also on a rise. Being one of the most vital cities in London, it has become the hub of various companies offering Door Stripping services.

Among the wide range of household services that comes handy for its residents, there is no doubt about the necessity of this service as the door greets the guests before the host does.

As the name indicates, it is simply the removal of the top layers of the door before repainting it. Though it may sound quite simple, it is not so, the process generally includes taking few vital decisions before one starts with it.

Door Stripping Bromley

Material Used

Not all doors are made of wood. With the advancement in the field of carpentry, even raw materials like glass, iron and plastics are being used to bring a variety in the traditional wooden structure. This service can only be availed for those having a wooden base.

For those made of glass, it needs to be removed before the stripping procedure of begins. This is mainly done to avoid any hazard which might happen by accidental breakage of the glass.

Adopting the Correct Method

With various companies offering this service, it is recommended that residents do not try doing it on their own. With the service being available at a nominal and competitive rate it is always advisable to approach these companies when they feel that they are in need.

Read the Below Removal Method of Door Stripping Services

The companies offer both commercial as well as residential services.  They adopt a wide range of methods where items are dried and prepared for waxing, sanding or coating.

Paint Removal Method

The most vital decision for staffs  offering  Door Stripping in Bromley is to decide whether heat or chemical should be used to start with the process. Removing the top layer of the paint correctly and completely will help to apply the new coat with ease. The product is then carefully removed to dry with the aim of achieving the desired finish.


A careful study of the product is necessary to carry out this step as items having a water-based paint are hard, almost impossible to strip by dipping. The procedure is carried out by making use of the hand to strip those items, which might add an extra buck to the bill.

Discuss Below Points to Removal

The points that one needs to keep in mind while carrying out service is choosing whether sanding, electric hot air gun or chemicals should be used to remove the paint. When Chemical is being made use of either solvent paint removal or caustic paint removal can be used depending on the thickness of the paint.

The chemical used in the procedure might be toxic it is advisable to keep old people and kids away. In addition to this, it should also be kept in mind that both stripping as well as applying new colour requires time, so ample time should be given to complete the procedure.

Though this service is a tiresome job, the result is often a thing of beauty. A beautiful door not only enhances the beauty and charm of the doorway, but also throws light on the fashion trend that the house occupants believe in. The cost being nominal, more and more people are expressing their desire to avail the service expected to top the list of ‘most wanted household-service’ in the near future.