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Floor Sanding In Bromley? Your 6 Common Queries Have Been Answered

The decision of getting your hardwood floor sanded is not at all wrong. After all, you always desired of getting back that brand new look the wooden ground offered when you purchased your house in Bromley!

But would getting your ground rubbed with abrasive material be a safe thing to do? This and many other questions have been tickling your mind since you decided to go for the procedure. Worry no more and have a look below.

The Basic Questions About Floor Sanding With Relevant Comment

Floor Sanding in Bromley

1. Will it remove all the stains?

Though majority of them will be removed but it totally depends on the saturation level and how old the stain is. Since the material is wood, water based liquid like ink stains are a bit difficult to erase, though chances of getting those stains are less.

2. Won’t placing a carpet serve the same purpose?

No wonder a beautiful carpet is bliss to the eyes but it is not resistant to stains and spills and cleaning them is a troublesome job. Moreover, if you have pets, be sure to see your carpet losing luster within a short span of time. Sanding your ground also offers a better durability.

3. Which type of sandpaper is ideal for my floor?

Trying a DIY for sanding your wooden ground is surely not a wise thing to do. Approach a professional agency having years of experience. They generally begin the procedure with a sandpaper of 24-grit, which gradually moves to a 40 to 60-grit sandpaper and ends with a 240 or 320-grit sandpaper.

4. Often varnishing leaves a tint of yellow and orange shade. Can I avoid that?

Though applying older varnishes might make the wood appear yellowish or orangey, the modern varnishes offer the wooden structure a more natural look. With many companies offering floor sanding in Bromley, make sure to approach one whose focus is always on using modern varnishes.

5. For how long do I have to leave the ground idle?

It takes around 1-2 days depending upon the carpet area of your residence. After the process is completed modern varnishes takes around 6-7 hours to dry, before the ground can be used for walking purposes. It is advisable to let the varnish harden for the next 2 days before bringing back the furniture.

6. Is the process dusty?

It is true that the process might make your residence a bit dusty, but that generally happens when heavy machineries are used to remove stubborn stains. Just make sure that the machines used are maintained regularly and also vacuumed to minimise the dust.

Is Sanding My Floor Really Necessary?

Despite taking utmost care, the wooden carpet area of your residence would definitely require to be sanded to regain its flawless shiny look. Though changing the whole wooden ground would serve the same purpose, but that would surely burn a hole in your pocket. The best alternative is to scrap the wooden top layer and bring to surface the layer beneath, via Floor Sanding.

Floor Sanding in Dulwich
Floor Sanding, Floor Sanding in Dulwich

Floor Sanding in Dulwich? Let’s Debunk These 7 Myths First

We’ve all been sanding aged floors to preserve their shine and look forever. And we’ve all consumed enough information (especially from the web) to know how it happens, what really are the advantages, and where’s the rub.

However, given the amount of literature that’s available, there has been much confusion as well. Differences in opinions have emerged, leading to some myths being followed and some facts being ignored. Let’s check them out.

Presenting 7 Floor Sanding Myths All Should Know (And Unfollow)

Floor Sanding in Dulwich1. The Process Can Be Absolutely Dustless

Fact: Never. There’d always be some amount of dust or the other. All you can do it minimise it. Today, we have technology backing us. We have vacuum cleaners that can drastically bring down the dust. However, a ‘100% dust-free’ process is kind of a tall claim. It never happens.

2. You Need To Recoat Your Flooring Annually

Fact: They say it keeps your flooring in shape. We say it doesn’t do any bad, but it doesn’t do any good either. The first time you decide to sand, the professionals will apply layers of varnish as the finishing touch. These coats are long-lasting and easy to maintain. No annual touch-ups, really! Not at least for a decade or two.

3. The Finish Has Nothing To Do With The Flooring’s Durability

Fact: It’s actually the opposite. Everything depends on the finishing coat. Some coats will be more durable than others. And it all comes down to how the layers have been applied and if the drying time between two layers has been adequate. Trust us, you really want to hire someone skilful.

4. Stains Don’t Need To Comply With The Finish

Fact: Again, a major mistake! Compatible stains and finishes are needed for the results to last. You cannot coat a water-based finish over an oil-based stain, that too on the same day, and expect them to comply with each other. The two have to bond properly. At least a day has to be allowed between their application, let you want the coats to peel off.

5. There’s No Harm From Sanded Hardwood

Fact: Well, there are many, especially fire hazards. Of course, they can be prevented if you hire reliable contractors for floor sanding in Dulwich. For instance, the belt sander must be rightly connected to the fuse box; no dust bags should be near or else a fire is caught; also, smoking within the area of work is an unsafe practice.

6. There’s Nothing More To The Process Than Sanding
Fact: There’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s beyond a quick scraping and two coats of varnish. There are nails to be removed or set, holes to be filled, and dents to be attended. And if there are broken parts, they have to be replaced as well. So, it’s a pretty huge task – far from being simple.

7. If There Are Nails, A Floor Can Never Be Sanded

Fact: Nails aren’t a sign that the sand is all gone. Many a times, they appear because of poor installations. If they are there, they can be removed before beginning the work. Relax, you need not replace the entire flooring just because they have peeked out.

Understand The Process Before You Choose A Contractor

Yes, this is quite a task you are about to undertake. You need to know the nitty-gritty before beginning. There’d surely be a lot of stress and labour. And remember, you are investing big money and time as well. The process needs to be worthwhile; the results need to be long-lasting. So, know whom and how to choose.