door stripping in Clapham
Door stripping, door stripping in Clapham

Door Stripping in Clapham: Let’s Clear Your Doubts About It

Say you’ve undertaken a pretty huge painting project for a residential renovation. In a case as such, preparation is everything.

You could be ultra lenient with the four walls and the ceiling. But, when it comes to doors, you have to be really careful. For such structures, a new coat of paint will last only as long as the paint underneath.

Once the latter peels off, so will the former. Every time you try touching the surface, something flaky and chalky would come onto your hands and believe us, you won’t like even a single bit of it.

Door stripping, hence, is important.

door stripping in Clapham

Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Well, the effectiveness of the method is reliant on the type of surface and the quality of paint on it. If it were a wall, a method called sandblasting would have worked. Apart from concrete, this one even works on metal surfaces.

However, this is about wood (mostly). One wrong step and the grains would be raised and your material damaged permanently. This is why it demands vigorous sanding beforehand.

Next comes an extensive chemical treatment where the old coat of paint can be dissolved to reveal an antique-esque look. This is a wonderful method, especially for fine wood. It is fruitful and doesn’t harm the wood.

Once the chemicals have acted on the paint, a little scraping and wiping take the coat off and prepare the surface for another coat of paint. You now have the leeway to try out your choice of finishes on it.

Is It A Method Safe Enough?

Anything that has got to do with paint removal needs safety measures to be taken. So, anytime you are on a stripping task, make sure you follow all the precautionary steps.

For instance, the chemicals used in the procedure could give off a nasty odour, not to mention how they are extremely dangerous for the skin. They could cause irritation, itching, burns, and more.

Look at those professionals carrying out the work. They’d sure be covered in full-length clothes and wear protective eyewear and rubber gloves.

There’d be a lot of dust, dipping, spilling, and splashing. And yes, old paint means a lot of lead. You don’t want to inhale that, do you? So, better stay away from the discomfort. There’s no point standing and watching the process happen when your health could be at risk.

Why Is It Better To Go For Door Stripping In Clapham?

Although there are alternative methods to door stripping in Clapham and elsewhere, this is still the most powerful one. You could use a Power washer and spray high-pressure water. But, it is not much effective on wood.

This is why you need to put your money into more abrasive chemicals that do the trick. Of course, these are industrial products that demand extreme levels of ‘handling with care.’ Nevertheless, they are always welcome owing to their advantage over other methods.

So, let the natural beauty of your wood reveal!


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