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5 Signs It’s Time To Approach Experts in Floor Sanding In Dulwich

Have you been thinking about sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors recently? Wondering if this is the right time to call in professionals who can refinish your floors? Still unsure if you really need floor sanding now? No worries. This article contains a few common warning signs which indicate that it’s time to sand your hardwood!

It goes without saying that hardwood floors are very beautiful and can easily last for centuries. However, there comes a time when they need some maintenance to keep them looking their best. Hardwood floors need to be sanded and refinished periodically. This is because, over time, the finish gets worn off, especially in high foot traffic areas of your home. Maintaining the integrity of the finishing is of utmost importance, using floor sanding in Lambeth from qualified experts would be a wise decision.

Here are the top signs which indicate it’s time to sand your hardwood flooring!

A Few Signs Which Indicate It’s Time to Approach Professionals for Floor Sanding in Dulwich

Floor Sanding Dulwich

Pet Stains On Your Hardwood Floor

No matter how much you love your pet dog or cat, the reality is that they can relieve themselves on your floors, causing tough stains. Be it urine stains or scratches from their nails, the hardwood floor gets the brunt of your pet. In case of discolouration due to pet accidents, the professionals can either sand it out or repair a section of hardwood and then sand the entire area.

Floors Are Turning Grey

Is your hardwood turning grey gradually? Consider it as a warning sign and call in professionals who can offer floor sanding in Wandsworth. Once the polyurethane wears off from the floor, the hardwood starts absorbing water which can come from pets, rain, spilled drinks and condensation. Once the hardwood soaks up the water, it oxidises and starts turning grey. If you choose not to repair the hardwood, it gradually turns darker until it’s completely black.

Therefore, once you see that your hardwood is turning grey, consider getting your floors sanded. In the period in-between, maintenance treatments always ensure that the grey areas do not absorb any more water.

Too Many Scratches And Blemishes

Over time and through use, your floors will start showing wear and tear. This is quite normal since your floors can only be preserved for a certain amount of time. Thus, your floors are bound to get a scratch or two. However, if you see that the blemishes and scratches are affecting the overall look of your hardwood, calling a professional floor sanding in Dulwich can be a wise decision.

Water Or Moisture Damage

If your floors have suffered a major water damage or moisture damage, you will start seeing some dark areas in the hardwood. This water damage can be the result of a number of factors like flood, pet damage, broken water heater, leaking air conditioners, ice damming, overflowing toilets, etc. therefore, whether it be some water damage or moisture damage, choosing floor sanding in Croydon can be your best way to bring back the lost glory of your floors.

Sun Damage Or Discolouration

In case you see that major sun damage has been caused to your floors, getting the hardwood sanded may be a wise decision. The actual colour of your hardwood may appear discoloured or look dull. Big differences can be seen in the areas near to the windows. Getting the floors sanded by calling in professionals is recommended since they can repair the top layer and even apply a new stain to make it cheaper.

Have you noticed any of the signs above? If so, then it’s time to find a reputed floor sanding specialist and start benefiting from some exemplary services!