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Floor Sanding, Floor Sanding in Dulwich

5 Signs It’s Time To Approach Experts in Floor Sanding In Dulwich

Have you been thinking about sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors recently? Wondering if this is the right time to call in professionals who can refinish your floors? Still unsure if you really need floor sanding now? No worries. This article contains a few common warning signs which indicate that it’s time to sand your hardwood!

It goes without saying that hardwood floors are very beautiful and can easily last for centuries. However, there comes a time when they need some maintenance to keep them looking their best. Hardwood floors need to be sanded and refinished periodically. This is because, over time, the finish gets worn off, especially in high foot traffic areas of your home. Maintaining the integrity of the finishing is of utmost importance, using floor sanding in Lambeth from qualified experts would be a wise decision.

Here are the top signs which indicate it’s time to sand your hardwood flooring!

A Few Signs Which Indicate It’s Time to Approach Professionals for Floor Sanding in Dulwich

Floor Sanding Dulwich

Pet Stains On Your Hardwood Floor

No matter how much you love your pet dog or cat, the reality is that they can relieve themselves on your floors, causing tough stains. Be it urine stains or scratches from their nails, the hardwood floor gets the brunt of your pet. In case of discolouration due to pet accidents, the professionals can either sand it out or repair a section of hardwood and then sand the entire area.

Floors Are Turning Grey

Is your hardwood turning grey gradually? Consider it as a warning sign and call in professionals who can offer floor sanding in Wandsworth. Once the polyurethane wears off from the floor, the hardwood starts absorbing water which can come from pets, rain, spilled drinks and condensation. Once the hardwood soaks up the water, it oxidises and starts turning grey. If you choose not to repair the hardwood, it gradually turns darker until it’s completely black.

Therefore, once you see that your hardwood is turning grey, consider getting your floors sanded. In the period in-between, maintenance treatments always ensure that the grey areas do not absorb any more water.

Too Many Scratches And Blemishes

Over time and through use, your floors will start showing wear and tear. This is quite normal since your floors can only be preserved for a certain amount of time. Thus, your floors are bound to get a scratch or two. However, if you see that the blemishes and scratches are affecting the overall look of your hardwood, calling a professional floor sanding in Dulwich can be a wise decision.

Water Or Moisture Damage

If your floors have suffered a major water damage or moisture damage, you will start seeing some dark areas in the hardwood. This water damage can be the result of a number of factors like flood, pet damage, broken water heater, leaking air conditioners, ice damming, overflowing toilets, etc. therefore, whether it be some water damage or moisture damage, choosing floor sanding in Croydon can be your best way to bring back the lost glory of your floors.

Sun Damage Or Discolouration

In case you see that major sun damage has been caused to your floors, getting the hardwood sanded may be a wise decision. The actual colour of your hardwood may appear discoloured or look dull. Big differences can be seen in the areas near to the windows. Getting the floors sanded by calling in professionals is recommended since they can repair the top layer and even apply a new stain to make it cheaper.

Have you noticed any of the signs above? If so, then it’s time to find a reputed floor sanding specialist and start benefiting from some exemplary services!

Floor Sanding in Lambeth
Floor Sanding, floor sanding in lambeth, floor sanding lambeth

Sanding A Victorian Wooden Floor Has Become Easier in Lambeth

If you are one of those residents of Lambeth who still believes that a Victorian wooden floor can’t be sanded, it’s high time you debunk the myth. All you need to do is to try a DIY if you have adequate experience in floor sanding or approach an experienced professional who can ease the task for you. Sanding is like restoring those delicate bones of your property with much care and sensitivity. You just need to prepare for the task and not only sanding but even refinishing it will become easier.

Floor Sanding in Lambeth? Be Wise While Choosing The Power Tools

Floor Sanding in LambethUnless you approach a professional for the task, you need to choose the ideal power tools all by yourself which can really be daunting if you are doing it for the first time. The best is to hire a hand-held belt sander or a floor sander instead of buying one, as you won’t be requiring it quite often. Choosing the right tool will become easy if you first consider few points like the number of rooms you are willing to sand, the time span during which you are willing to complete the task, and the type of floor in your property.

If you are planning for floor sanding, Lambeth is one of the places where you can find numerous reliable companies offering the service. Letting a professional sander survey your property and suggest a power tool that will suit your rooms the best is always recommended. Do a bit of research and you will definitely find a company charging a reasonable price for it. You can also consider buying it if you don’t want to finish the job under time pressure.

Dedicate Adequate Time

If you are sanding a big property and don’t have prior knowledge about it, devoting adequate time is a must. The best is to break down the entire project in small chunks so that it can be completed within an hour or two. Whenever you can find time from your daily household task or other commitments fit the work in. Just be aware of the fact that the time taken to sand floors having even height is generally less than sanding those plank floors having different heights.

Few Vital Steps To Follow While Floor Sanding

  • Estimate the grit sequence.
  • Start with one sequence at a time and use a drum sander to sand it.
  • Use an edger to sand areas which can’t be reached using a drum sander
  • Sweep the sanded rooms or use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Move on to the next sequence and repeat the process.
  • Sand the toe-kick areas using a radiator edger.
  • The corners of a pipe can be either scrapped or sanded.
  • Try hand-sanding if any edger swirl is visible.
  • The straight sanding cut from the drum can be blended with the circular sanding cut from the edger using a buffer or pole sander.
  • The entire area should be vacuumed once or twice.
  • The remaining dust can be removed from the floor using a lint-free textile or a dry microfiber cloth.

It’s Less Dustier Than You Think

There are a few who tends to stay away from it just because they think the process is dusty. This is simply nothing more than a myth. Though it’s dusty, the dust generated is definitely lesser than you think. In fact, those brick or plaster work creates a more horrible mess as the prickly dust goes here and there. The dust bags attached with the sander collects a majority of the dust generated while sanding your floor in Lambeth. Hiring one of those tools which can be connected to the vacuum cleaner is a wise decision.

When you start, tape the room to prevent the dust from spreading. You can use those masking tapes to seal all the four sides of the door frame. Wait for a few minutes and let the dust settle if you want to leave the room for a break. Also, change that dusty dress and shoes before leaving. Ask your family members to leave the house for a day if you are sanding an open area. Since the generated dust can lead to respiratory issues, letting a professional shoulder this responsibility is always recommended.

Floor Sanding Lambeth

Changing Or Oiling The Floor

Pull up the carpet from the floor and you will be shocked to see the condition of the wood. You generally have two options to deal with the issue, change it or sand and oil it. Though laying brand new flooring is always treated to be a safer option but definitely not economical. Let a professional undertake the task of sanding and oiling it and it will definitely look like a brand new floor.

You can even change some of the faulty planks before oiling and stay assured that you won’t notice much difference. Floor Sanding in Lambeth not only helps you save a few bucks but you also get back that lost charm and character of your wooden flooring. Those oddly spaced gaps can also be corrected and filled using those hardboard strips.

A Final Quick Tip

Wearing gloves, goggles, a proper respirator, and ear defenders is a must while sanding. Make sure to buy adequate sandpapers if you are trying a DIY. This will give you the freedom to change your sandpaper frequently and the floors will be sanded much faster. One of the common mistakes people often make while floor sanding is to underestimate the amount of sandpaper they will require for the task.

If you are having a problem in determining the exact amount of sandpaper you require, ask a professional to visit your house and they can calculate the amount for you. Buy the paper when you are hiring the machine and ask whether you can return the surplus. Issues arise when you are sanding the floor during weekends and there aren’t many shops open to get hold of more when you run out of paper!

Floor Sanding in Bromley
Floor Sanding, Floor Sanding in Bromley

Floor Sanding In Bromley? Know Its History Before Approaching Professionals

If you a resident of Bromley, you must definitely be aware of the importance of floor sanding. Every variety of wooden floors has to undergo the procedure sooner or later, but how many of us actually know its history. Many might feel that why do we even have to know its history, how does it even matter! It does and you can realise this once you know how slowly and steadily the process has made an improvement. The process that professionals adopt today is a much recent advancement.

How The Process Of Floor Sanding In Bromley Improved With Each Passing Year

Floor Sanding in Bromley

• Before 1714

During the era of 1624 to 1714, wooden planks of wood used as flooring were not offered any finish but only made smooth by the colonials. While sanding, the wooden structure was scraped and rubbed with coarse sand paper before being stained and polished. This process was not only laborious but also expensive and time-consuming.

• During The 1800’s

The plank flooring was being replaced with parquet patterns and hands were used to prepare the surface. While sanding, workers used knives to scrape off a thin layer of wood from the surface. This made the smooth surface beneath it appear. A final waxing and polishing were given to finish the look. This process was also treated to be a failure as scraping marks were left behind.

• In 1926

This is exactly the year when the first Electric Belt Sander was invented by Art Emmons. It was portable and helped craftsmen in saving their time. Though the flooring looked really nice, dealing with the sawdust became an issue. This appliance made development later and was used as a vibrating sander, palm sander, and finish sander. Many of the advanced tools are used even nowadays during floor sanding in Bromley.

• 1930 To 1980

During the late 1930’s, cork and linoleum were used to challenge the wooden floors. This made maintaining them easy and cost-effective. Plywood became the alternative of wooden floors as the former was less expensive. In 1980’s, those were replaced with pre-finished floors. With this type of flooring, sanding and coating them frequently was not necessary.

The Remarkable Advancement After 1990

With people becoming more concerned about the environment and its air quality, the method of floor sanding also become more advanced. Sanders having dust collection facility was used. Other advanced procedures were also adopted to render your flooring the visual appeal they deserve!

Door stripping
Door stripping, door stripping in Dulwich

Make Door Stripping In Dulwich Easy With Variety Of Weatherstripping

Is the chilly winter air entering your home nowadays? Did you find the weather seal on your door worn out? If the answer to the two questions is a yes, it’s time that you have a weatherstrip on your doors!

Not only will this make your home warmer, but even help you to save on your energy bills. Other than keeping the harmful elements out, it even helps in sound transmission. Since replacing the entire door is not a viable option always due to monetary concerns, weatherstripping your doors forms to be a cheaper and easier process.

With the availability of a number of weatherstripping options to choose from, selecting the ideal one proves to be a tedious task if you do it alone. However, with professionals by yours side, you can surely choose the best for your doors. Are you wondering how? Scroll down to know about the types of weatherstripping!

Door Stripping In Dulwich: Know The Types Of Weatherstripping To Choose The Best

Door stripping

1. Weatherstripping Tension Seal

A tension seal is popularly known as the V Strip. The strip is folded into a ‘V’ shape to bridge the gap. The material is pressed against the crack to form a tight seal. It can either be a metal or a durable plastic strip which is installed on the top and sides of a door.

2. Weatherstripping Felt

A felt comes both in plain and reinforced with a metal strip. Once stapled or glued to a particular spot, it offers durability up to 2 years. Since these are one of the most inexpensive materials, weatherstripping felt forms to be a popular choice. However, you need to remember that if these come in contact with water, it cannot be installed on your door.

3. Tubular Rubber, Silicone or Vinyl

This is made of a narrow sponge of vinyl tubing or rubber which comes attached to a metal or wood strip. The Silicone ones are installed at the bottom between the door and its jamb.

4. Weatherstripping Foam

Weatherstripping foam is made from closed or open-cell foam. It is reinforced foam attached to metal or wood strips. What makes foam a more effective material for door stripping in Dulwich than the other options are that it can withstand both humid and wind weather conditions. This is further available in various widths and thickness, making it best for irregular cracks.

Reputed door stripping professionals believe that other than the above materials, there are various other weatherstripping materials open to homeowners. Take a look below to know more.

Other Forms Of Weatherstripping Used For Doors

  • Door Sweep- It is metal with a plastic brush which is very easy to install on any door. However, it might drag on your carpet unless you use automatic sweeps.
  • Door Shoe- A door shoe is used to protect under the door. It is an aluminium faced attachment with a vinyl C-shaped insert.
  • Tape- These are easy to install materials which can be used anywhere with little wear.
  • Bulb Threshold- Available in different heights, these are a combination of weatherstripping and threshold.

So, what are you still waiting for? Contact a reliable door stripping professional at the earliest. Time to know the best weatherstripping material for your doors!

Floor Sanding, floor sanding in lambeth, floor sanding lambeth

4 Benefits Of Approaching Professionals For Floor Sanding In Lambeth

Though you opted for that wooden flooring because maintaining them is cheap, sooner or later you have to spend few bucks to sand them from professionals. Doing so will give you the assurance that you wooden flooring is level and looking sleek. Not only does it enhance the functionality of the ground but even its visual appearance. The top layer is scrapped and the next layer beneath it surfaces. The fresh look offered by this new layer stays so for years.

It is a multi-step process and not merely some rocket science. Dry a DIY and one mistake can deteriorate the quality of your laminate further. You need to gather adequate knowledge about the procedure before you start sanding. If you are a first timer, chances of making a blunder is more, thus wasting your valuable time and money. No doubt, approaching a professional becomes a necessity if you are willing to sand the wooden flooring of your house.


Few Reasons To Opt For Professional Floor Sanding In Lambeth

•    Long-Lasting Effect Than Laminate Flooring

Changing the flooring is a lot costlier than sanding them. Though laminate flooring is a bit cheaper, the durability offered by wooden flooring sanded by professionals always top the list. The laminate product also gets disfigured easily by absorbing moisture and scratches. It also enhances the height of your ground which disturbs your doorway fixtures and fitting.

•    Decrease Chances Of Allergy

Residents of Lambeth often tend to hide their flooring beneath a carpet. Majorities of the people nowadays are suffering from allergies and are advised to stay away from carpeted premises. The quantity of dust usually generated from these carpets can prove fatal for asthma patients. There is also a chance for these carpets to get infected with dirt mites. Get your ground sanded from professionals and simply sweep them regularly to maintain their hygiene as well as yours.

•    Clean Them With Ease

Though you can carpet your old wooden flooring or simply hide it behind a laminate, but cleaning a floor sanded by professionals is much easier. Any accidental spillage on the wooden product should be rapidly cleaned to prevent any long-lasting spot. But if the flooring is covered with a laminate or carpet, cleaning them becomes more time-consuming. So, if you value your time and energy opt for floor sanding in Lambeth from professionals and enjoy the beauty of wooden floors.

•    Cost-Effective

Purchasing a new wooden ground is quite costly and the amount you have to pay the installers can raise your bill further. Instead, sanding the used floor is a better option as you can’t differentiate between a new floor and a sanded one. Replacing the product will make it lose its former charm and history besides burning a hole in your pocket. For those trying a DIY might cause their floor more harm than good.

Since the professional service has so much to offer, stop putting your health at risk for just a few bucks!

door stripping in Clapham
Door stripping, door stripping in Clapham

Door Stripping in Clapham: Let’s Clear Your Doubts About It

Say you’ve undertaken a pretty huge painting project for a residential renovation. In a case as such, preparation is everything.

You could be ultra lenient with the four walls and the ceiling. But, when it comes to doors, you have to be really careful. For such structures, a new coat of paint will last only as long as the paint underneath.

Once the latter peels off, so will the former. Every time you try touching the surface, something flaky and chalky would come onto your hands and believe us, you won’t like even a single bit of it.

Door stripping, hence, is important.

door stripping in Clapham

Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

Well, the effectiveness of the method is reliant on the type of surface and the quality of paint on it. If it were a wall, a method called sandblasting would have worked. Apart from concrete, this one even works on metal surfaces.

However, this is about wood (mostly). One wrong step and the grains would be raised and your material damaged permanently. This is why it demands vigorous sanding beforehand.

Next comes an extensive chemical treatment where the old coat of paint can be dissolved to reveal an antique-esque look. This is a wonderful method, especially for fine wood. It is fruitful and doesn’t harm the wood.

Once the chemicals have acted on the paint, a little scraping and wiping take the coat off and prepare the surface for another coat of paint. You now have the leeway to try out your choice of finishes on it.

Is It A Method Safe Enough?

Anything that has got to do with paint removal needs safety measures to be taken. So, anytime you are on a stripping task, make sure you follow all the precautionary steps.

For instance, the chemicals used in the procedure could give off a nasty odour, not to mention how they are extremely dangerous for the skin. They could cause irritation, itching, burns, and more.

Look at those professionals carrying out the work. They’d sure be covered in full-length clothes and wear protective eyewear and rubber gloves.

There’d be a lot of dust, dipping, spilling, and splashing. And yes, old paint means a lot of lead. You don’t want to inhale that, do you? So, better stay away from the discomfort. There’s no point standing and watching the process happen when your health could be at risk.

Why Is It Better To Go For Door Stripping In Clapham?

Although there are alternative methods to door stripping in Clapham and elsewhere, this is still the most powerful one. You could use a Power washer and spray high-pressure water. But, it is not much effective on wood.

This is why you need to put your money into more abrasive chemicals that do the trick. Of course, these are industrial products that demand extreme levels of ‘handling with care.’ Nevertheless, they are always welcome owing to their advantage over other methods.

So, let the natural beauty of your wood reveal!

Floor Sanding, Floor Sanding in Bromley

Floor Sanding In Bromley? Your 6 Common Queries Have Been Answered

The decision of getting your hardwood floor sanded is not at all wrong. After all, you always desired of getting back that brand new look the wooden ground offered when you purchased your house in Bromley!

But would getting your ground rubbed with abrasive material be a safe thing to do? This and many other questions have been tickling your mind since you decided to go for the procedure. Worry no more and have a look below.

The Basic Questions About Floor Sanding With Relevant Comment

Floor Sanding in Bromley

1. Will it remove all the stains?

Though majority of them will be removed but it totally depends on the saturation level and how old the stain is. Since the material is wood, water based liquid like ink stains are a bit difficult to erase, though chances of getting those stains are less.

2. Won’t placing a carpet serve the same purpose?

No wonder a beautiful carpet is bliss to the eyes but it is not resistant to stains and spills and cleaning them is a troublesome job. Moreover, if you have pets, be sure to see your carpet losing luster within a short span of time. Sanding your ground also offers a better durability.

3. Which type of sandpaper is ideal for my floor?

Trying a DIY for sanding your wooden ground is surely not a wise thing to do. Approach a professional agency having years of experience. They generally begin the procedure with a sandpaper of 24-grit, which gradually moves to a 40 to 60-grit sandpaper and ends with a 240 or 320-grit sandpaper.

4. Often varnishing leaves a tint of yellow and orange shade. Can I avoid that?

Though applying older varnishes might make the wood appear yellowish or orangey, the modern varnishes offer the wooden structure a more natural look. With many companies offering floor sanding in Bromley, make sure to approach one whose focus is always on using modern varnishes.

5. For how long do I have to leave the ground idle?

It takes around 1-2 days depending upon the carpet area of your residence. After the process is completed modern varnishes takes around 6-7 hours to dry, before the ground can be used for walking purposes. It is advisable to let the varnish harden for the next 2 days before bringing back the furniture.

6. Is the process dusty?

It is true that the process might make your residence a bit dusty, but that generally happens when heavy machineries are used to remove stubborn stains. Just make sure that the machines used are maintained regularly and also vacuumed to minimise the dust.

Is Sanding My Floor Really Necessary?

Despite taking utmost care, the wooden carpet area of your residence would definitely require to be sanded to regain its flawless shiny look. Though changing the whole wooden ground would serve the same purpose, but that would surely burn a hole in your pocket. The best alternative is to scrap the wooden top layer and bring to surface the layer beneath, via Floor Sanding.