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Make Door Stripping In Dulwich Easy With Variety Of Weatherstripping

Is the chilly winter air entering your home nowadays? Did you find the weather seal on your door worn out? If the answer to the two questions is a yes, it’s time that you have a weatherstrip on your doors!

Not only will this make your home warmer, but even help you to save on your energy bills. Other than keeping the harmful elements out, it even helps in sound transmission. Since replacing the entire door is not a viable option always due to monetary concerns, weatherstripping your doors forms to be a cheaper and easier process.

With the availability of a number of weatherstripping options to choose from, selecting the ideal one proves to be a tedious task if you do it alone. However, with professionals by yours side, you can surely choose the best for your doors. Are you wondering how? Scroll down to know about the types of weatherstripping!

Door Stripping In Dulwich: Know The Types Of Weatherstripping To Choose The Best

Door stripping

1. Weatherstripping Tension Seal

A tension seal is popularly known as the V Strip. The strip is folded into a ‘V’ shape to bridge the gap. The material is pressed against the crack to form a tight seal. It can either be a metal or a durable plastic strip which is installed on the top and sides of a door.

2. Weatherstripping Felt

A felt comes both in plain and reinforced with a metal strip. Once stapled or glued to a particular spot, it offers durability up to 2 years. Since these are one of the most inexpensive materials, weatherstripping felt forms to be a popular choice. However, you need to remember that if these come in contact with water, it cannot be installed on your door.

3. Tubular Rubber, Silicone or Vinyl

This is made of a narrow sponge of vinyl tubing or rubber which comes attached to a metal or wood strip. The Silicone ones are installed at the bottom between the door and its jamb.

4. Weatherstripping Foam

Weatherstripping foam is made from closed or open-cell foam. It is reinforced foam attached to metal or wood strips. What makes foam a more effective material for door stripping in Dulwich than the other options are that it can withstand both humid and wind weather conditions. This is further available in various widths and thickness, making it best for irregular cracks.

Reputed door stripping professionals believe that other than the above materials, there are various other weatherstripping materials open to homeowners. Take a look below to know more.

Other Forms Of Weatherstripping Used For Doors

  • Door Sweep- It is metal with a plastic brush which is very easy to install on any door. However, it might drag on your carpet unless you use automatic sweeps.
  • Door Shoe- A door shoe is used to protect under the door. It is an aluminium faced attachment with a vinyl C-shaped insert.
  • Tape- These are easy to install materials which can be used anywhere with little wear.
  • Bulb Threshold- Available in different heights, these are a combination of weatherstripping and threshold.

So, what are you still waiting for? Contact a reliable door stripping professional at the earliest. Time to know the best weatherstripping material for your doors!